Open Access Publishing

What is Open Access?

Open access (OA) refers to the free online availability of research outputs such as journal articles or books, combined with the rights to use these outputs fully. OA content is open to all, with no access fees.

An explanation of open access and its benefits is available in this YouTube video by PHD Comics.

Before Submitting Your Article for Publication

All material – papers, conference reports, posters, and/or slides, that are written by a Fermilab employee (or include Fermilab employees on the authors list), and that are intended for outside distribution or describe work done using Fermilab facilities must receive a Fermilab report number and undergo DOE required internal Export Control and Patent and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) reviews before being released outside of Fermilab. This includes material submitted to conferences and posted to For details on how to submit your publication for approval, visit


While accessing OA articles is free, publishing in OA journals can be very expensive. Please refer to the list below for costs to authors in some of the most cited physics journals.

OA Publishing Cost List


Open Access FAQ’s

What are the benefits of publishing open access? Because open access research is open to anyone across the globe at any time, it increases visibility and impact, and can result in more citations.

What do I need to do before submitting my work to a publisher? Before submitting your work to any publisher, you must submit your work to Technical Publications and receive a Fermilab report number. Work must also undergo DOE required internal Export Control and Patent and CUI reviews before being released outside Fermilab.

Who at Fermilab pays the APC’s for publishing open access? There is no central department that pays APC charges at Fermilab. Authors must pay the fees through their department.

Can I sign the publisher’s copyright form? Copyright forms can only be signed by Technical Publications staff per a DOE contractual requirement.

How do I process payment to a publisher? Payment to publishers must be paid by submitting a requisition to the Procurement Department. Even when the amount falls within the allowance for procard purchases, the need to agree to terms and conditions prohibits use of a procard.

Free OA Journals

Annual Reviews

  • Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science

APS  *This only applies to articles posted to in the hep-* categories

  • Physical Review Accelerators and Beams
  • Physical Review C
  • Physical Review D
  • Physical Review Letters


  • Nuclear Physics B
  • Physics Letters B

Oxford U. Press

  • Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (PTEP)


  • European Physical Journal C
  • JHEP