How to Access Library Subscriptions When Working Off Site

The links to journals on our Journal List are proxy links. We also use proxy links on our Electronic Resources list, and on our Engineering Standards page. If you use these links, you will gain access by entering your Services username and password. You can also use the Remote Desktop option which provides access identical to being at the lab, or see our Off-Site Publisher Access Options.

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Upcoming Virtual Scientific Seminars at Fermilab

A list of upcoming scientific seminars being offered at Fermilab, including links for joining with Zoom, is available by clicking here.

Access to Scientific Journals at Fermilab

The Fermilab Library is responsible for providing access to scientific journals and articles needed by researchers here. The most common means of access is by site license for online access to over 400 major journals such as The Physical Review set, Nature, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, and the Science Direct/Elsevier High Energy Physics and Astronomy Backfile, which includes articles up to 1995 in 20 prominent journals. For a complete list of available journals, see our Journal List.