• Fermilab History Books and DVD's Available at the Library

Celebrating Fermilab’s 50th Anniversary!

Numerous events are planned this year to celebrate Fermilab’s 50th anniversary. Visit the 50th anniversary web page for more information.

On Demand Video Stream of Fermilab History DVD’s

Library Highlights

Overleaf Pro Institutional Subscription Trial

Overleaf is an online LaTeX and Rich Text collaborative writing and publishing tool with integrated real-time preview.  We now have a trial institutional subscription of Overleaf Pro expiring 5/24/18.

To use Overleaf Pro, request an account from the Fermilab library, and then go to Overleaf.com to log in.  If you are currently using the individual free version of Overleaf, you will be automatically added to the Fermilab Pro account, and your data will be transferred.  If you do not have an existing Overleaf account, you will receive an email invitation to create one, and will be added once the account is created.  After the trial, using the Fermilab Overleaf Pro Institutional subscription will require a task code charge annually.

Access to “The Neutrino Puzzle” article in Scientific American highlighting the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment is now available online.

Currently, the most popular eBook at Fermilab is The Cellular Automaton Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics by Gerard ‘t Hooft, a radically different approach to the challenges of quantum theory.

Access to Scientific Journals at Fermilab

The Fermilab Library is responsible for providing access to scientific journals and articles needed by researchers here. The most common means of access is by site license for online access to over 400 major journals such as The Physical Review set, Science, Nature, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, and the Science Direct/Elsevier High Energy Physics and Astronomy Backfile, which includes articles up to 1995 in 20 prominent journals (current articles can be found as preprints on INSPIRE).  For a complete list of available journals, see our Journal List.

SCOAP3 Open Access Initiative
Fermilab participates in SCOAP3, the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP3). More than 18,000 scientists from 86 countries have benefited from this Open Access initiative, publishing articles at no direct cost.  With a newly redesigned website, SCOAP celebrates their second year of operation and the publication of the first 5,000 articles.